Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UPDATE: DePaul On-Campus Arena Rumors Heat-up; Potential New Site

In the past few days local news outlets have picked up the story of the newest addition to DePaul's strategic plan for 2018 that includes an emphasis to "bring men's basketball back into the city". Below are links to the several stories:

Chicago Sun Times:

Comcast (David Kaplan):

Fox News Chicago (Lou Canellis):

Many of the stories indidate some frequently rumored sites such as the Finkl Steel or Morton Salt locations. The newest rumor emerges from the Fox News Chicago report that indicates the University's "preferred location is Fullerton and Sheffield". Having an on campus arena at Fullerton and Sheffield would have an immediate impact on the number of students attending. It is important to know that DePaul owns a large portion of the land as indicated below. It would be a tight squeeze for a 8,000-10,000 seat arena, but could fit. Admittedly, there will be many uphill battles should DePaul pursue the location at Fullerton and Sheffield. Stay tuned as more rumors are sure to follow after the Board of Trustees meets in May.

Interactive Google Map indicating proposed location and DePaul owned land in blue:

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Detailed Map with approximate dimensions according to Google Maps:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DePaul Seeking Opportunities to Bring Men’s Basketball Back Into the City

As pointed out by some posters on the message boards today, a draft of DePaul's strategic plan for 2018 shows an interesting update. The University has included in the section for "Develop facilities, technology and the infrastructure" section a goal to "Seek opportunities to bring men’s basketball back into the city" (Picture Below). The on campus arena talk is always going to be around as most fans are aware Allstate, while viable, is not the best option for university moving forward to remain competitive in basketball. It is encouraging to see that the planning committees are looking towards finding ways to have return basketball to the city as part of the strategic planning.

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A login is required to view the entire Strategic Plan, so it is included below:
March 2018 Strategic Plan Draft